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Output Voltage:  

  • 1.48V/4.2V (batteries) 
  • 5V (USB) 

Output Current:  

  • 1.5A*2, 1A*4, 0.75A*4, 0.5A*8 (Batteries) 
    • Recommend to put the batteries on the same in order to increase fastest speed 
    • Up to 1500mA per slot 
    • Batteries will charge at the rate of 500mA if the length of the battery is less than 60mm 
  • 5V/2.1A (USB) 

Compatible with: 

  • IMR/Li-ion: any size up to 26650 
  • Ni-MH/Ni-Cd: AA, AAA, C, D 

Package includes: charger and power cord 


8 port charger 

  • Each slot charges independently 

2 USB ports 

  • USB ports will work with up to 2 batteries plugged in and when no batteries are being charged. When 3 or more batteries are plugged in it will charge batteries first the USB ports 

Has a 2 light indicator. Red light while charging and green light  

Constructed from PC materials (fire retardant/flame resistant)  

Active current distribution technology (ACD) 

  • When a battery is almost fully charged, the charger will divert a portion of its current to charge other batteries 

Overcharge protection 

  • Automatically stops charging when the process is complete. Slot with fully charged battery will automatically shut off after a 20 hour time span to prevent overheating   

Three charging modes (constant current, constant voltage, –dV/dt) 

  • Automatically detects power level of batteries and select the correct voltage and charging mode 

Battery activation: will activate depleted Li-ion batteries with a protective circuit. After installing i8 will test and activate the battery before charging 

Reverse polarity/short circuit protection: if batteries inserted with polar reversed or short-circuited the red indicator light that is above the battery will blink red to notify users 

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